The Artist’s Floor: Idioms and Sayings

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and someone uses one of those sayings that sounds somewhat silly, and you start picturing funny scenarios in your mind? It’s not that you don’t understand, quite the contrary, you know perfectly what they are talking about; it’s just that those idioms and sayings conjure up some interesting mental pictures.  I’m sure those of you with active imaginations know exactly what I mean and can agree wholeheartedly.

For me, this mental imagery started when I was a young girl.  Often, my mother would be getting ready to go somewhere and I would inquire: “Mama, where are you going?” and she would reply, “To see the turtle take the water.” My mind would whirl with images of a tiny turtle trying to gather up all the water from a pond and carry it away in buckets on his back.  Of course back then, I was just a naive little child trying to make sense of a funny saying her mother used instead of ‘none-of-your-business’. Now, it’s my own kind of mental entertainment whenever I hear someone use these types of sayings.

idioms-group-collageI have been trying to get back into using watercolor, so I decided to paint a few of these idioms in a sort of mini-series.  Due to their odd nature, I opted for a surrealist view into a mirror or frame. The image would then spill out of the frame onto an undefined surface. I found it difficult trying to capture the elaborate stories into a single image, but I had fun doing it.  I am looking forward to creating more of these watercolor sketch paintings from the images I formulate in my mind. I hope you found this inspiring and perhaps take time to create a painting of your own literal interpretation of an idiom.

-Celeste, the AIM studios

If you would like to own one of these original sketches or check out some of my other art, please visit the artwork section of my etsy shop: theAIMstudios – Artwork


3 thoughts on “The Artist’s Floor: Idioms and Sayings”

  1. That is a neato idea! I see ‘crying over spilled milk,’ ‘barking up the wrong tree,’ ‘hot knife cutting through butter,’ and I can’t make out the other one. How about “egg on your face” or “when hell freezes over.” That would be an interesting one – hell freezing over. 🙂 Great paintings. 🙂


    1. Thank you Carol! The sayings in the watercolor paintings shown are ‘Crying Over Spilled Milk’, ‘Barking up the Wrong Tree’, ‘Cut the Mustard’, and ‘Cup-of-Joe’. The coffee cup in the painting is holding a name tag with the name JOE written on it. I like your ideas as well, thank you for the suggestions!

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