The Artist’s Floor: I Know Why the Willow Weeps

Moving day can be chaotic.  Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to pack up all their belongings and move to a new place knows this to be true.  You try to be careful, you tip the movers a little extra to help insure the safe handling of your precious items, but in all the chaos it is inevitable, something will get broken. As was the case with us several years ago. This canvas was one of two that were damaged during our move. There was a medium sized puncture in the middle of each. I didn’t want the canvas to go in the trash (if you’ve ready any of my trash stash posts, you know how I feel about this), so I held onto it while I waited for inspiration.

Why the Willow Weeps 02Then one day, I was admiring several trees, some that had been damaged during a storm. (Much like the storm that passed through our area recently.) I had it! I would paint a picture of one of my favorite trees directly over the hole. After adding small grommets, I laced string around the damage, “mending the tree.”

Although the damage has been mended, the scar remains.  This is Why the Willow Weeps. I hope you found this inspiring and perhaps find a way to revive one of your damaged canvases.

Why the Willow Weeps 01-Celeste, the AIM studios


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