The Trash Stash: Scrap Paper Creations

It’s true… I hoard scraps of paper.  I used to be a lot worse, but now I limit myself to only what will fit in my designated scrap paper drawer.  Once that drawer is full, I make myself use what’s in there or recycle it.  Those who know me best can tell you, I really, dislike throwing anything away. So, now that my drawer is full, it’s time to do something creative.

Paper Scrap Drawer.jpgSo, what do you do with all those scraps of paper that are left over from other projects? Here are a few of the things I have found make good scrap paper projects.

  1. Uniform Shapes. I have several standard paper sizes that I use often. (3”x4” – pocket cards; 4”x6” – photo mounts; 4”x 5.25” – card backgrounds) Any piece that could be cut into one of these sizes got trimmed and set aside. Any leftover pieces were punched into shapes using my favorite paper punches or cut into banners.
    Basic Paper Shapes.jpg
  2. Gift Tags. Some of the larger pieces that didn’t fit into a standard size I cut into tag shapes and punched a hole at the top. You could stamp a greeting on these or add a label and they are ready to adorn a gift.
    Gift Tags.jpg
  3. DIY Embellishments. I love scrapbooking and card-making. It’s nice to have a few premade embellishments on hand for when you want to be creative, but are pressed for time. I keep these in another limited size drawer to be used as needed.
    DIY Embellishments.png
  4. Greeting Cards. Finally, using any remaining paper scraps and the items listed above, I grab some stamps or stickers and create greeting cards. I keep these around for birthday’s, thank you notes, get well cards, etc. When I’ve made a surplus, I give the cards away or sell them at craft shows.
    Greeting Cards.jpg

There you have it, four useful ways to pare down your paper scrap collection. Please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to expand on any of these items. I hope you enjoyed this article and perhaps raid your own paper scraps to create something new.


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