The Trash Stash: Signs and Banners

It’s that time of year.  The birds are chirping; the sun is shining and seniors are celebrating the end of their high school career.  And what better way to celebrate than with a graduation party.

I was asked to help make signs for the party for one such senior.  The request came via text message: “Hey, could you make me some signs for a candy bar for the grad party?” A candy what?  I had to look it up, who knew such a thing existed. But there it was, all over Pinterest and Wedding Blogs: The Candy Buffet/Bar.  So, armed with ideas, I got to work raiding my scrap paper drawer and recycle bin.

Candy Bar Signs 05Hmmm… Let’s see…

  • An old bunting paper pack that I will never use, Check.
  • An empty wrapping paper tube and some scrap pieces of paper, Check.
  • Some stands that came in a mystery grab bag, Check.

Candy Bar Scrap Pieces with LabelsI was all set, off to the computer to print out sayings and images.  In no time, I was ready to cut them out, mount, glue and tape.  Easy right…

Well, I thought so. But oh, NO! The stands weren’t tall enough to hold the bunting banner.  Also, they needed something to help weigh them down, as they kept wanting to fall in towards the center.  Okay, no need to panic. Dried beans make good weights (I’ve used them before). I filled the empty wrapping paper tubes with the beans. Now, how to make the stands taller, I was out of paper tubes (mental note, time to start hoarding those again). Then my hubby came to the rescue. “Hey, why don’t you use some branches off that dead avocado tree?”  What a great idea!  It made it look whimsical and rustic, not to mention it gave purpose to something else that would have made it into the compost pile eventually. I stuck them down into the tubes and secured with tissue paper.

Candy Bar Signs 06The Candy Bar 01Voila! Signs for a Candy Bar. I hope you found this inspiring and perhaps even raid your own trash stash (even the garden) to create unique signage and banners.


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