The Trash Stash: Picture Frame Cork Board

There is this wonderful place called the thrift store where I find plethora of random items begging to be revitalized into fun new things.  On one of my trips to this crafter’s wonderland, I found some photo frames for a dollar.  I initially used them as signage holders in my craft booth at shows, but they have served that purpose and it was time for another transformation.

DIY Cork Board Supplies.jpgLooking around my crafting area I found some old cork tiles (they used to hang in my cubicle at work, but I had long since taken them down and couldn’t bring myself to throw them out) and some yellow spray paint from another project.

The transformation process was super easy. I removed the back of the picture frame and the glass, then placed them on a tarp and added 3 layers of spray paint. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly before adding the next. After my frames were completely dry, I cut down the cork into 4” x 6” pieces using regular scissors. I inserted the cork into the frame and replaced the back.  A few decorative thumb tacks and my project was complete.

DIY Cork Board GroupI hope you found this inspiring and perhaps raid your stash to RE-repurpose one of your own items.

-Celeste, the AIM studios


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