On the Artist’s Floor: Scribble Challenge

In the YouTube artist realm, challenges are very popular. (Or at least they used to be when I created this image.) One of my favorite challenges is the scribble challenge where you (or a handy helper) make a random scribble (preferably blind-folded) and then try to turn it into a finished drawing.  Here is one of mine:

Scribble 01 Scribble 02 Scribble 03

The initial scribble was provided by my husband, I then turned it into a painting of a girl.  It seems to me that no matter how odd looking a random line may be, I can somehow see a face or figure in it. Does anyone else find that to be true?


  • Sketch Paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Watercolors

I hope you found this inspiring and perhaps try a scribble challenge of your own.


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